Penny Press summary

“Penny Press was the term used to describe the revolutionary business tactic of producing newspapers.” In 1833, Benjamin Day created The Sun in New York City and sale the newspaper for a penny when most of the newspapers were a sale for ten cents. Day decided to sale the newspaper for a penny because he found out that working class and newly arrived immigrants are the big population which more likely to read the newspaper, they don’t have enough money to buy a newspaper. The day could sale the newspapers for a penny because the technology of print newspaper became cheaper, and he put lots of advertisings on the newspaper. He also hired children to sale the newspapers on the street. Because of Day’s decision, most of the people in that period of time can afford the newspaper. Therefore, the newspaper began to become the mass media and other business people followed his steps. People called them ” Lords of the press.”…015/09/pennypress.jpg

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